Eminem Net Worth & Awards – 2018

Eminem Introduction –

Eminem/Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), at St. Joseph, Missouri, was the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and Deborah Rae “Debbie” Nelson Known as Eminem (frequently abbreviated as EMINƎM), also known as Rap God & Slim Shady is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and even celebrity.

Eminem Net worth

Eminem Career Highlights –

Marshall Bruce Mathers III debuted album is “Infinity” in the year 1996 after that “The Slim Shady LP” released in early 1999, as well as the record, went Multi-Platinum and Eminem won his first Grammy award for the best rap album award and 4 MTV Video Music Awards. In the 2K Eminem released his 3rd album “The Marshall Mathers LP“, and this album achieved more success than Eminem Last record and certified as the diamond in the US, He won his second Grammy Award for the best rap album. In the 2k2 he released his 3rd album “The Eminem Show” again this album earn immense success and certified as the diamond in the US, he won his 3rd Grammy award for this album and “The Eminem Show” album is his first “International best selling album of the year”. Eminem is the first artist who won 3 Grammy awards back to back. In 2k4 his album “Encore” is released and hits enormous success. In 2k5 Eminem tours and then take a gap from the music industry. After four year EMINƎM/Marshall Bruce Mathers III returns with a bang and release two albums back to back “Relapse” in 2009 & “Recovery” in 2010, both the records won Grammy award. “Recovery” album was his 2nd international best selling album after the Eminem show. In 2k13 he released his 8th studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP II” and this album won 2 Grammy awards. In 2k17 his 9th studio album “Revival” is released. On 31st August 2k18, his 10th studio album “Kamikaze” is release.

Eminem net worth

Awards Won By Eminem –

Total Awards Won – 151
Nominated for awards – 339

Grammy Awards

Won – 15
Nominated – 43

The academic Awards also was known as Oscar Awards

Won – 1
Nominated – 1

American Music Award –

Won – 14
Nominated – 23

Barbados Music Award –

Won– 1

Billboard Music Awards –

Won – 17
Nominated – 31

Brit Awards –

Won – 4
Nominated – 10

Detroit Music Award –

Won – 9
Nominated – 16

Echo Awards –

Won  – 7
Nominated – 9

Guinness Book World Records – 11

MTV European Music Awards –

Won– 16
Nominated – 31

MTV Movie Awards – 2

MTV Music Video Award –

Won– 11
Nominated – 44

People Choice Awards –

Won– 7
Nominated – 10

Teen Choice Awards –

Won– 10
Nominated – 13

World Music Award –

Won– 10
Nominated – 14

Eminem Net Worth –

Eminem / Marshall Bruce Mathers III is one of the best selling Rap Artist, and he is the richest Rapper in the world with a total Worth of $ 190 Million. He has an extensive collection of cars in his garage. According to sources, he currently owns a Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT, Audi R8 Spyder, Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0, Ferrari 599 GTO, and Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

Eminem Net worth
EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III bought his Rochester Hills Mansion in 2003 for $4.8 million. The property consists of a lake, a tennis court, and the 15,000 sqft mansion. Eminem uses tin foils to cover his window that reflects sunlight, and nobody can see the décor of his home.

Eminem Net worthEminem’s house until he climbed to stardom can be just a far cry from his Rochester Hills mansion. Sadly, a fire destroyed his childhood home and was demolished by the government of Michigan in 2013.

eminem net worthEminem uses his old house picture as a cover photo in his album “The Marshal of Mathers LP 2″.

Guinness Book World Records –

1. Fastest selling Rap Artist (2000)- EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III “The Marshall Mathers LP” holds a record of selling 1.76 Million copies in the first week in the US.

2. Best Selling Album (2002) – Eminem holds the world record for the best selling album of hip-hop in the first week of the UK chart release. He sold 315,000 copies in a week.

3. Most successful rap artist in the UK (2005) – Eminem holds a record for 16 successive top 10 entries in the Uk chart until end of 2005.

4. Most entries jumped on US hot 100 Chart (2006)-  Akon & Eminem song Smack That jumped a record 88 places from number 95 to number 7 in 2006.

5. 21st century’s top-selling album act (USA) 2010 –  Eminem/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III holds the record for most significant selling album act in the USA in the first ten years of the century with sales of 32,241,000.

6. Most successive us albums to debut at no one by a solo artist (2010) – EMINƎM / Marshall Bruce Mathers III holds a record for most successive US Billboard albums debut at number 1 for six times back to back from The Marshall Mathers LP to Recovery.

7. Rapper with the most number 1 albums a solo artist (2010) – Eminem /Marshall Bruce Mathers III has topped the Uk chart with his six albums and spent nearly 23 weeks at number 1 Position.

8. Most successive us no one albums by a solo artist (2010) – EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III holds a record for most successive US Billboard albums debut at number 1 for six times back to back from The Marshall Mathers LP to Recovery. The list excludes the 8 Miles soundtracks from 2002 and Eminem presents the re-up from 2006 in these two albums many other stars featured.

9. Most words in a hit single (2015) – EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III song Rap God contains a lyrics of 1560 words in 6 min 4 sec means 4.28 words per seconds. This song was his 7th top 10 debut in hot 100.

eminem net worth

10. Largest vocabulary for a recording artist (2015) – EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III Holds a record of Largest vocabulary according to Musixmatch Eminem has 8,818 unique words used in his 100 lengthiest tracks.

11. Most Likes for a musician on facebook (male) 2017 – with 90, 634,055 Likes on his page as 11 may 2017  EMINƎM/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the most popular male musician on social networks.

Some Eminem Song Lyrics –